Two more days. Less, actually..

By , July 19, 2010 7:52 pm

You got that right. I got another two more days to go until I’m flying out of here. Right now I’m busy with writing my report and trying to get it all finished before I fly off, to have a well deserved 2,5 weeks of vacation at the place of friends in Gordonsville, Virginia.

So, I mentioned before, I did all the research I had to do, worked out some of the results and I’m not busy to work all of it into my report. I’d say that about 90% is done right now and that the last 10 percent is coming along nicely. I got this evening and tomorrow evening to work on that, before I head out to Virginia on Wednesday at around noon.

Tomorrow’s going to be busy with something else. I got the chance to fly along with the helicopter once more, this time to get dropped down in The Everglades to see how people catch alligators and to help them to keep from getting bitten, so that’s going to be a real hands on experience, or hands off, if the experience goes wrong.. But let’s not think about that too much. 😛

To tell you guys a little bit about the GEER conference from last week.. It was fun. I got to see a lot of talks, I got to have fun with colleagues, I got to do my presentation about my project to my boss and several other people from the office, so all in all I can really say that I had fun there.

You might want to click on the picture to get a slightly better view, but you can see me here, standing in one of the presentation rooms at GEER, with the opening slide of my presentation, basically giving the name of my project.

The last couple of days are going to be busy, but fun! That’s for sure, just as fun as all the other days I’ve had here. It’s been and still is a great experience being here.

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  1. Harm en Liesbeth says:

    Succes met je afronding van alles hier en alvast een goede vlucht met alle ledematen nog aanwezig, hopen we 😉 Pa en Ma.

  2. Tsanawo says:

    Safe travels, have fun. 😀

  3. Dik Tineke Lonneke says:

    Have a nice time enjoy the rest of your stay overthere
    PS Did you throw all that kwallen into the ocean ? we’ve got a lot of them these thays, normally only with wind from the east but nowadays also with wind from the west, Thanks a lot.

  4. theo en mini says:

    Hoi Evert,
    het je nog al je armen en benen? Als de ervaring maar goed is geweest. Wat gaat de tijd snel. Fijn dat je je studieproject zo goed hebt kunnen doen en dat je zoveel bijzondere dingen hebt meegemaakt. Nog heel veel plezier bij je reis in Virginia. Geniet nog even van je vrijheid en dan weer terug naar Nederland. Ook leuk hoor.
    Veel groetjes en nog een goede tijd gewenst
    Theo en Mini

  5. Rick Meijering says:

    Hallo Evert

    Ik heb vandaag weer heel wat verhalen gehoord van je pa en ma.
    Je hebt zelfs met collega’s een alligator gevangen.
    Ze vertelden dat je misschien nog naar DC wil (een echte aanrader). Je kunt met de metro over al onder DC in en uitstappen. Er zijn veel musea ze liggen allemaal rond the Mall(veel zij vrij toegankelijk) en monumenten. Ook het capitool is geweldig om te zien. En Natuurlijk the White House.
    We wensen jou nog veel plezier van uit Schoonebeek.

    Groetjes Rick Gonneke and kids

  6. Frederik says:

    Hey Tiger!
    scrolling around, I visited your site. Amazing experience!!!! You must have a great time (and you produce a lot of very, very nice pictures!!) Enjoy the last part of your marvellous stay! Greetings!

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