Photo time.. Part three!

By , May 25, 2010 4:52 pm

It’s that time of the week again! Or well, it’s just a random tuesday and I got some photos that I’m willing to share, so here goes! Get ready for another 13 photos from Florida, America!

Sitting at home at night is no fun sometime, so I went out to take some photos of thunder in the sky, but as that was mostly gone before I got to this place, I took some shots of cars passing by and ended up with this shot. Gotta be creative with your camera! 🙂

When we went out to set out my project, not only did we see dolphins, but I saw 2 otters and 2 manatees as well! But the dolphins where the only animals I got a ‘couple’ of pictures from. About 114 in 5 minutes, hehe..

Yet another photo of dolphins, this one showing them coming up besides the boat we were on to get to the sites we’d have to check out.

You’ve seen one already, but I just wanted to show another one that I made that same evening.

This is a Smooth-billed Ani, a bird that a lot of birdwatchers come to the Everglades for, but never really get to see. I was standing besides a small group of people getting some explanations from a Park Ranger when suddenly this Ani sat down right besides us and bathed in the sun for a while. Nice.

Can you spot the owl? It’s one of those evenings where the light is beautiful and you get to see one of those animals you just don’t see very often. An owl this time.

Yep! That’s me in the sea at Fort Lauderdale’s beach! I spent a weekend up at friends in Fort Lauderdale and we went to the beach.

Didn’t believe me in that last picture? Well, see here! The proof that it was actually the beach of Fort Lauderdale! It’s on the sign, so it must be true, right? And you can see the sea behind me! 😀

While the weather wasn’t super that day, or at least, the clouds were blocking the sun at times, it was still really nice and warm outside. It constantly stayed around 28 degrees, which is ‘quite’ warm. That’s downtown Fort Lauderdale right there! With a lot of people at the beach, enjoying the weather and the water.

I traded in my truck for something a little quicker.. See? Or rather, no, that’s just one of the cars that you see driving around at the beach of Fort Lauderdale. One hell of a nice car if you ask me! Gotta love them American sportscars.

Hey dad! Look! Everything’s bigger in America! Even the milk-trucks!

One of the many colorful critters you can see flying through the park. We spotted this little fellow in the park when we were out mountainbiking.

You’ve seen this kind of dragonfly before, but I just had to take yet another picture of them, since they’re so nice looking. 🙂 And this one was really photo-genetic, sitting still in front of a broken treebranch, just begging to have a photo taken.

And that’s it again for this session of ‘Photo time’. I hope you’ve enjoyed this batch of photos. Feel free to comment, as feedback’s always good to hear! 🙂

Catch me again next time, same website, different timezone, same level of enthusiasm!

6 Responses to “Photo time.. Part three!”

  1. Erwin says:

    Once more, awesome pictures. Keep them coming! Great to see a little of your time over there in pictures. And yeah, your comments are funny, so it’s good that you combine them with text 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Sithy says:


    Nice pics 😀

  3. Dik Tineke Lonneke says:

    Nice pics with nice comments from your side, again, after a day hard work, or a few days hard work, i often check out your site for a smile, today it worked out,
    we found the owl, the milk car was comic, but first i thought what the … is a manatee.

    Why didn’t you say right away that you saw a
    Trichechus Manatus Latirostris
    that would have been much easier 🙂

    Bye for now
    Dik Tineke Lonneke

  4. Tristan says:

    enjoyed it again, thanks!


  5. Tsanawo says:

    Good to see you’re still using your silly hat 😉

    Nice photoos 😀

  6. dacapo says:

    Ontzettend gave foto van dat onweer man 😀

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