Been a while, hasn’t it?

By , June 21, 2010 8:50 pm

Yeah, it has.. Haven’t had that much time and didn’t feel the need to update the site last week, so I’ll do it right now. That way I can include what I did last weekend, which I think was pretty awesome! But first, last week!

What did I do last week? I didn’t do an awful lot during the week, at least not something to write about. But I went out into the Everglades on the boat on both Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday we went into the Everglades to do some maintenance on some of the equipment we got set out there, mainly to keep an eye out on the waterlevels and other things in the Everglades. Nothing fancy, just checking how the equipment’s working, replace whatever needs replacement and making sure critters didn’t get to the wires.

On Thursday we went out to get another batch of my tiles out of the Everglades, with or without sediment on them.

See how this tile has a lot of sediment on there? And see how warm it is in the mangroves? Oh yeah, it's not just all fun and games when I'm out in The Everglades! It may look like that, but at times it isn't! Most of the times it still is a lot of fun though. Hehe..

And now for the thing that I did on friday night! I went shrimp fishing! That’s right, shrimp fishing! A couple of persons here at the USGS own a shrimpboat and have other people on that that do the actual fishing for them. Aaaaanyway, I was offered to come along on a night to go fishing for shrimps.

So after work during the day on friday I did some preparing, getting some food ready to take along on the boat and made my way over to Coconut Grove where I met up with the people on the boat. At around 7:30pm on friday evening we went out onto the water of Biscayne Bay and started fishing.

A fishing boat drags nets across the bottom, although right now they’re still on the side of the boat, as we were still going out to the place where we’d go fishing. Biscayne Bay.

The guys on the boat first showed me how things were done, giving me the chance to take some pictures and see how things were done. Then after a couple of times of watching how they were doing it, I gave it a try myself.

See? I ain't doing half bad! Sorting out shrimp as if it's my job or something. But it isn't, just visiting and seeing how it's done. Hehe.

We caught quite a bit of shrimps during the night and at around 4 am we slipped back into the docks of Coconut Grove where we handed the shrimps over to the person selling them as bait, but not before I got a few shrimps for myself for dinner on saturday! After saying goodbye to the captain and his helpers, I drove back home and arrived there an hour later at around 6 am in the morning, being more dead than alive. So after a quick shower I dropped into my bed and didn’t get up until 4 in the afternoon on saturday.

But the fishing sure was an experience I’m not forgetting anytime soon! 🙂

4 Responses to “Been a while, hasn’t it?”

  1. Erwin says:

    Cool story! I love deadliest catch 🙂

  2. Stefan says:

    het was zeker een zware bevalling op die eerste foto??? maar ik ben blij dat je zo blij bent met je “excrement” ahhahah

    en ik ben eindelijk klaar met larenstein Yay…..

    En nog een vraagje , ik ga een nieuwe camera kopen, wat voor eentje heb jij en ben je er blij mee ??

    succes nog ….


    BAC Ottoman

  3. Ad Bot says:

    Hallo Evert. Prachtige foto’s op je site.
    Tikje jaloers wordt ik er toch wel van zo hier achter mijn PC gezeten!

    Ad Bot

  4. troeteltje says:

    yay wij zijn ook garnalen wezen vissen van het weekend, oh wacht dat wist je al 😉 want jij was zo lief mij te bellen!
    Leuk dat je het nacht vissen leuk vond!

    Mis je!

    *dikke virtuele hug*

    Nee je beeldscherm knuffelen heeft echt geen zin *zucht*

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