Here for 10 weeks and 1 day now..

By , June 25, 2010 6:50 pm

Yep! That’s how long I’ve been here already. 71 days in total. Or rather, 70 days and about 16 hours, but that’s getting into time details too much. 😛

As I already told and showed, I went shrimp fishing last weekend and basically was tired from that the rest of the weekend.  So I didn’t do much there. 🙂

During last week we did a lot of chores besides the normal office work that I do here, which is working on my report and other things. As we pulled our boat out of the water for its 100 hour maintenance check last week we stored it on the trailer at my house, so we could bring it to the shop on monday morning. Which we did, dropping it off nice and early for them to get working on it.

Tuesday was the big day, we would be getting a new intern at the USGS and Gordon and me would be picking him up from the airport at Fort Lauderdale. Although he wouldn’t be arriving until 8pm that evening. So we had the chance to stay in office during the day and join the potluck that was organized at the office for all the employees of the park. Everybody brings a dish of food and/or drinks and eat, followed by a meeting about the progress of things in the park.

Later that day it really was time to head out to the airport and pick up the new German Intern. It took a while for him to get through customs, but after waiting ‘only’ an hour and 15 minutes, he was free to come along with us, dropping his stuff in the back of the truck and driving back down to the park. Along the way we got a quick bite to eat at McDonalds, as it was 10:30pm at that time, dropped off Gordon and continued the way with just the two of us. Me driving and Oliver (the intern) sitting besides me, taking in the scenery. We made a quick stop at Walmart for him to get some groceries before we finally arrived back at the house at around 11:30pm.

Me at MacDonalds at around 10:30pm. First time I’ve been to MacDonalds in America and just as bad of an experience as every single other time I’ve been to MacDonalds, which was to be expected, as it’s MacDonalds. Not a high quality of foods.. Nuh uh..

On Wednesday I had to bring Oliver to a  place where he had to get his fingerprints taken, which should take about 20 minutes, but all in all it took us about 2,5 hours to even get started with it, as we were sent from place to place, from person to person and still didn’t get any further, but we managed to get it all done in the end, which got a bit of a laugh from us, taking so long for something so simple. But I guess that bureaucracy for ya, or rather.. bureau’crazy‘.

Thursday really was the day of going from shop to shop for different reasons. The boat we brought in on monday was finished, so we had to pick that up first thing in the morning. As we got back to the office we had to take the starter motor off the airboat, which was broken and had to be brought in to a shop to get a replacement, but as we did that, we also brought the big white truck (which you’ve seen before and which I loooove to drive..) in for some repairs to a car shop. So I really did see a lot of mechanic-shops that day, but it was all good, it’s always fun to look around in shops like that.

Today, well, today is just another ordinary office day.. Working some on my report, I got samples of sediment in the oven to dry, which I have to check out this afternoon to see if they’re already dry. So, there’s lots to do, but it’s all good. And since we got our machette back from getting it sharpened, I can now chase after my colleagues again with a nicely sharp machette! Mwuhahaaa!

Sharp and ready for action! Well, at least the machette’s sharp!

A new update next week, as usual! Have a good weekend! I know I will!

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  1. Stefan says:

    itss the evil spongebob machette killer O NOesss

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