We’re through to the semi-finals!

By , July 3, 2010 8:52 pm

Congratulations to the dutch soccer team for winning from Brazil with 2 to 1. A good game, with an even better outcome. 🙂 Now to see how we’ll be against Uruguay on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll be sitting in the office with my ear glued to Radio 1 streaming from the internetradio. 🙂

But yeah, back to the important things, how am I doing here at The Everglades? Well, the alligators, snakes or bugs haven’t gotten me yet! So that’s good, I’m still able to go around and about.

I spent last weekend in Fort Lauderdale, once again.. The highlight of the weekend was checking out a shop over there where they had candy from all around the world, so I recognized a lot of candy from The Netherlands. I resisted the urges to buy a lot and only bought some Stroopwafels for my colleagues, since they like them so much.

On Monday and Tuesday I worked on my report some more, so it were two simple office days. Nothing much else to say about that, really. Other than that during these days, the tiles with sediment were drying in the oven, so I could start weighing them later the week.

It was on Wednesday when the tiles were dry, so I could weigh them for further comparison with other times I got tiles from the field.

The dry sediment in the petri-dish in where it will be weighed, of course, using a scale for the weighing. I'm not going to guess how much sediment is in there, cause I wouldn't be good at that.

It was on Thursday that we went out into The Everglades to get some more of my tiles for the very last time. It was the very last time I would be going to this part of the Everglades. Really, the end of my internship is slowly starting to come in sight.

We saw some more dolphins on our way to the site, these were swimming at the bow of the boat while we were puttering through a canal where you're not allowed to go fast. It was a great opportunity to see the dolphins. Hehe.

Me and Karen working on one of the tile grids in The Everglades, taking out the tiles with sediment and replacing them with some fresh clean tiles.

One of the tilegrids with a few more sediment on the tiles.

One of the cool things to see on the last day in the field for my project were the footprints of a raccoon, having walked right across one of the tile grids.

See the small footprint there in the mud of the Everglades? That's the footprint of a raccoon! Yes, they life in the Everglades, otherwise the footprint wouldn't be there, hmm? Smarty pants?

It was cool to see that footprint, but it was kinda sad to know that it was the last time I would be seeing the project that I started here. Or at least the part in the field, all the tiles that I laid out in the field.

Still, I’m having fun here, the end is coming in sight, my report is coming along nicely and the weather’s really good, although sometimes we got some big rain, for the rest it’s all good!

I'm still doing alright and so is the little blue truck! It's going to be too bad to not be able to drive that little truck anymore, so I'll drive it all the more while I still can. Vrooom vrooom!

Well, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my weekend right now, there’s a party this evening and I’m invited! So I’ll update the website sometime again in the end of next week.

See ya!

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