Birthday away from home

By , April 24, 2010 12:14 am

First of, I would like to thank everyone that reached me, either by phone, email, comments or whatever to congratulate me with my 24th birthday!

I really really really appreciate it! 🙂

I didn’t do much about my birthday today, other than placed a cake in the lunchroom here in the office. I was out all day with my supervisor, shopping for supplies for the project that I’ll be doing here for the USGS (I’ll tell more about it once I actually get to work on it some more) and we ate lunch at a place called Shorty’s, a small bbq place up in Miami.

This weekend I’ll be driving around through the park a little more, walk around, see some of the visitor centers and take some more pictures.

So, all of you a good weekend as well and I’ll get back to you next week! Though probably just around friday, as I’ll be doing a lot of fieldwork from monday till thursday. Anyway, see ya when I see ya!

And thanks again for all the birthday wishes! Makes the big distance seem a little less big for a little while. And it put a big smile on my face. Here in Florida.

One Response to “Birthday away from home”

  1. wendy aka troetel says:

    *hugs ya*!

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